Much pleasure, are the clinical Sugery.


The idea to collect in one book texts directed to the main public, without technical or scientific airs, was born from the desire to immortalize in a manual, knowledge that had sprouted weekly from my publications in periodics of great distribution. With this intention, today I see the fulfillment of a dream, to write “Sua Imagem, Sua Escolha” (Your Image, Your Choice), which should expose great questions about plastic surgery, a subject so infatuating and of great interest to a great number of people.
Micro Hair Transplant

Since the 1950s many studies have been performed to reduce alopecia (baldness) problems. One of the first techniques used is described as follow: the surgeon removed from the nape of the neck small circles, and implanted in the bald area...

Liposuction is a technique used for a few years now, and it consists on the removal of the fat accumulation in a certain part of the body...

Rhinoplasty is a surgery without complications, and can be carried in clinics, rather than in hospitals. In most of the cases, the patient only receive local anesthesia.