On Hair Microtransplants :

A good treatment can prevent baldness (alopecia)?
The main cause for baldness is hereditary and it starts to reveal in puberty, a time in which the male hormones are produced in a large quantity by the human body. Finasteride leads to a halting of hair loss. According to our experiences, there is no such thing as medication or lotions to make hair grow back again, but association of surgery with medication has to persist for the rest of life.
With only one surgery will my baldness stop?
Depending on the area of the baldness, more than one surgery will be necessary.
How long is the surgery? Will I have to stay in the clinic? What type of anesthesia is used?
The surgery lasts for 3 hours and it is performed at our clinic surgery rooms. Past that, the patient stays in a room, where a breakfast is served, for about 2 hours until the anesthetic (which is local plus sedation) wears out, and after he can return home.
How long will I have to stay off-work?
The patient has to return the following day to the clinic to remove the bandage. For another 10 days he should not perform physical activities or sunbathe, but nothing stops him from going to work 2 days after the procedure.
How does the head look soon after the surgery?
The scar left in the donor scalp is imperceptible. The stitches in the donor area are removed after the 10th day after the procedure. The part that received the transplant, in the first few days, develop small crusts which will fall off with the proper care indicated.
What are the restrictions due to physical activity?
Do not practice sports, go to saunas, run, swim and avoid the sun for at least 10 to 15 days.
What are the postoperative cares?
Ice the forehead for the first 4 days after the procedure to prevent it to swell. Arnica (homeopathic medicine) can also be taken to prevent bruises.
Will I have to be examined or take medicines?
Some exams will be asked, and only analgesics will be prescribed when necessary.
Will I be able to use any kind of shampoo and conditioners?
Yes, after the crusts fall off (around the 10th or 15th day after the transplant) you will be able to use any kind of shampoo or conditioner.
In how much time will I see the results? Will it be perceivable to other people?
The transplanted hair will be shed, along with the small crusts by the 10th day after the procedure. New hair will begin to grow after the 12th week, in 7 months the results will be partial and in one year it will be complete.
On Bioplastia :

                      What is PMMA? Is it a new product?
PMMA is a substance with scientific approval tested on animals, but showing perfect acceptance by the human tissue, without any rejection. Its use is approved by Anvisa (Brazilian National Sanitary Agency) and is already being used for a few years.
Is the application carried through in the clinic? Is it necessary anesthesia?
The procedure is simple, carried through in the proper clinic, with local anesthesia, without the requirement of stitches.
How long does the procedure take? Is it permanent or will I have to be eternally retouching it?
The time varies from 15 minutes to 1 hour, according to the procedure performed. It is permanent and it is not necessary to renovate it.
How do I look right after the procedure? Are the results instantaneous?
Soon after the application, there may be swelling per 3 or 4 days, according to the skin texture of each person. With excellent, natural results.
Will I be able to get facial massages? And what about physical exercises?
There is no contraindication for the use of creams, sun block or physical exercises after the first week. As to facial massages, it is best to avoid it for the first 10 days.
After how long will I be able to sun bathe? And to use my usual creams?
Later than a week you can both sun bathe and use your creams and sunblocks.