Nose Surgery. At first, in surgeries, the results expected were always the same: small, pointy nose, similar to Nordic people. We noticed that a few patients were not happy with that result, and we decide to change the way we worked. We started to hear each client to know what was really bothering him or her in their appearance and we concluded that each individual should be treated differently, for each patient brings a different case. Nowadays, the material removed (bone and cartilage) is much smaller, and in some cases no material is removed, on the contrary, some bone or cartilage is injected strategically. Rhinoplasty is a surgery without complications, and can be carried in clinics, rather than in hospitals. In most of the cases, the patient only receive local anesthesia. After the surgery, the nose is kept immobilized by a plaster. When it is removed, the nose is swollen, but the patient will already have an idea of the outcome.

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